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For those of you new to the game, is Controlled Labs’ nitric oxide level maximizing nutrient. It contains 0 calories, and thus is fat-free and carb-free.How much you take really will depend on your caffeine awareness, but I personally take 1 full serving (2 scoops) 30-45 minutes previous to working out. Typically before leaving the place. By the time I’m done stretching out and warming up, I’m ready to blow my bench up.

What Blend of formula does it have?

Into addition to AAKG, AKG, and Coenzyme Q10, it contains L-Norvaline which happens to be synergistic with AAKG for even better NO creation and usage. I’ve never even heard of this before generating this critique, but I knew there was some thing in White Flood that gets me that additional last rep. Is it this? I noticed the mixability of White Flood is great. I didn’t notice any clumping and it was blended within seconds. Good for when you want to drink it back quickly!

I cant comment on just about anything negative about this supplement since I didnt experience any unwanted side effects. If your’e a fan of Jacked Im sure youll really like White Flood as well. It gave me the ability I needed to complete my workouts.In conclusion, I definitely rank White Flood at the top, especially in comparison to other preworkout drinks.

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